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With regards to the Review that has been put out there. We have found that one of our competitors in another country is posting fake reviews about us. While this is nothing new in the dating software world, it does require us to discuss it.

If you review any dating software provider you will find tons of fake slanderous reviews. While we know who is doing it there is nothing we can do about it since this person is in another country outside of America. He continues to post fake slanderous reviews about and others to cast them in a bad light. His method for doing this is to sell more of his software.

We are a real company and we’re based out of Wyoming. A simple call to us will let you know exactly that we’re not in some foreign country pretending to do business in America which is what others do.

In America we play by different rules. We don’t slander others because it’s not who we are and it’s not what we do. It’s also illegal in America and you can be sued for that.

If you have any questions about the AdvanDate Dating Software feel free to call us at 843-732-4944 or email us at and you will experience the AdvanDate difference.

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